Are There Any Monthly Minimums? 
No. There are no monthly volume minimums. From a single file submission, to all your needs, we can accommodate your requirements.
Do you contact my borrower(s)?
Its up to you. We can customize our services to best fit your needs. We will only contact the borrower upon your approval, we do ask for permission to contact the borrower in all loan cases to relieve you of unnecessary phone calls and to expedite our services to you. 

How Do You Get Paid?
Our loan processing fee is paid at the time of the closing of the settlement statement, as a third-party line item fee. The borrower will know the processing fee is paid to a third party which is a plus when dealing with fee conscious clients. 

How do I e-mail my Calyx files to you?
From the file, menu in any borrowers file, click on e-mail. Choose Email Point Data File.  A new message window will appear, here is where you will choose a password that is only known to you and your processor . SAVE AS A PCF. Save the PCF file on your desktop and attach it to a new email message.

Why outsource processing?
Using Processing Done Right provides Senior Loan Processing experience to your organization. We will accelerate the processing turnaround time to limit market fluctuations exposure. Outsource loan processing allows you to free up more time to generate more business. It enables you to, expedite closings, and gets you paid sooner! We reduce your overhead expenses such as office space, office supplies, salaries & bonuses. Bottom line is Processing Done Right saves you money, time and increases your income. 

What makes Processing Done Right different from the competition?
Processing Done Right has a staff of very knowledgeable mortgage loan processors with experience in all aspects of the mortgage process. Our staff has excellent customer service skills and you can be assured that every file will be treated with integrity and the utmost urgency.